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Author: Russ Johnson (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: December 12, 2009 3:25 AM
Version: 0.2.5
Views: 35,612
Downloads: 2,129
License: GPL (GNU General Public License)


== Version 0.2.5 Notes ==
Several bug fixes. Some minor functionality added like the ability to add your tabs to the admin for custom code. Some enhancements to several splashtags and one new splash tag.

== New Features and Fixes ==
Just committed some new splash tags and several bug fixes to the repo. New build coming soon.

== Version 0.2.0 Notes ==
If you are upgrading an existing install. Keep in mind that the splash tags syntax has changed since the previous version so you will need to update them in your content.

The tags now require a prefix like this <s:title />. You should only have to add the s: in the front of your tag and everything else should function fine.


Splash CMS is designed to be extremely simple and elegant. Based on the Radiant CMS built in Rails, its very lightweight and is not crammed with features that you dont need.

Features flexible page building using layouts, snippets, page parts and a custom tagging language.

I started a Google Group for feature requests, issues, etc.. Feel free to join.


Bleeding Edge code can be pulled from GitHub:



ColdFusion 8 or 9
Railo 3.0+

A database (MYSQL and MSSQL scripts included)

Issue Tracker:

This project has an external bug tracker. You can find it here: